Tonight I have decided to start a new writing project. It’s not that the previous one wasn’t working; I’m just suffering a bit of writer’s block.

As in I don’t have a plot.

Don’t get me wrong, I have characters. They’re great characters. And I know about them as individuals, I jus t haven’t decided how they are going to meet. Or why. (Well, actually, I do know. Sort of. It’s just really confusing.)

In the meantime, I had another idea. Again, I’ve got my two protagonists. I know who they are (for the most part) and I even think I know how they come into contact, I’m just not entirely sure what’s going to happen once they meet.

Oh the life of a writer—it’s just so frustrating.

It really helps when I get in the right writing mode. What follows is my writing checklist:

·         Comfortable clothes – CHECK

·         Candles and incense lit – CHECK

·         Glass of coke – CHECK (sort of—it’s missing the caffeine, but then I would like to sleep tonight. I think…)

·         Music – CHECK

·         Writing exercise – not yet

While it’s fun to just sit down and write cold, it usually works better when you have an idea. And since I sort of have an idea, I can almost just begin. But tonight I decided I would dig through some of my writing tools (since I have a lot—as in so many I will probably never use them all (unless I move to a cabin in the woods with no TV, XBOX, or internet and only have my computer, music, candles, and a year’s supply of Coke Zero then I could probably get through them. Well, maybe I’d need more than a year’s supply of Coke; let’s go with 3 years. Also, I don’t know how well I’d do with people around. Maybe only on weekends I could see my husband? Also, in this fantasy/alternate reality I don’t have kids yet. Clothes would be optional and I’d still be able to go for walks and jogs out in the woods (I think I would wear clothes for that part, though), and I’d swim regularly in the lake that my cabin would be beside. Hmm, and maybe it could have mountains, too. With mountain lions. But not mean ones, friendly ones. And they’d stop by for visits and I’d feed them dry cat food (sometimes mixed in with the wet stuff, I suppose) so I could get in a bit of a cat cuddle without my allergies acting up too badly. Yeah, that could work. Also, I think I’d want a dog that takes care of itself and only comes to visit me when I’m on breaks. And also, this dog doesn’t shed. I’ll call her Kamme. Ooh! And we can run together, and go for swims, and howl at the moon together. No, just kidding. I wouldn’t howl at the moon, I’d probably just make faces at it…Hmm, I already miss my husband, though. Sure, I’m having a good time with Kamme and my mountain lions, but I think I’d need to see Ryan more often than on weekends. And my step-daughter, I’d miss her too much. But no distractions other than that. And I wouldn’t mind it being dark a lot so that I could use my candles more often, but not all the time, because I don’t want to get depressed due to lack of sunlight. So, maybe I should move to Nunavit or Yukon? I’m sure they pay well up there. As long as there aren’t vampires, unless I get to have magic powers and my mountain lion friends can save me regularly from them. Yup, I think this could work. Yeah, then I really do think I would get through all of my writing tools (Ha! I bet you thought I forgot what I was originally talking about! Take that, non-multi-tasker/tangent –talkers!) Now I have some parenthesis to close (Two should do it. Plus this one.))).

OK, well, I might have just got my writing exercise in after all.

What I was going to say was that I will choose one of my books, pick the topic for today’s date and write for all of your reading pleasure. Maybe I still will!

September 21: “Write a daydream.”

Ha! That's awesome! I can honestly say that I did not look at the topic before I began babbling about life with mountain lions and living in an awesome cabin in the North West Territories or Alaska. Honest. That just means less writing.


·         Writing Exercise – CHECK

Sweet, now that I’m done, I can go watch TV or play XBOX. Awesome.

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