I have spent a lot of time lately considering my resume.  Now that I am on the cusp of graduation, I need to consider my career options.

I have certainly obtained plenty of skills whilst I’ve been a student, plenty of skills that could get me any number of jobs. 

But that got me thinking.

What would be skills resume look like according to Facebook?

I am an expert farmer, excelling in harvesting crops like soybeans, artichokes, watermelon and potatoes, to mention a few. 

I have a keen ability to monitor the well-being of numerous forms of livestock (just call me Captain Agriculture!), including wild turkeys, turtles, goats, rabbits, penguins, ducks, geese, horses, sheep, reindeer, and a variety of cows (chocolate milk cows, strawberry milk cows, alien cows—yes, I can hear a certain farm girl (Ashlee) groaning at me right now).  I have even birthed several calves. 

Wow, I’m pretty impressive.

I haven’t even mentioned all the time I spend working on my trees.  I am quite the arborist, too.

But I don’t just have experience farming, I am also an archaeologist.  In fact I have secured more than 80 items with various museums around the world.

Alas, I have truly become a world traveler.

I have raced environmentally friendly cars, accumulating carbon credits to help stop global warming (lil Eco Racer).

My efforts gardening have saved hundreds of acres of rainforest (lil Green Patch).

Did I mention I am also an event organizer? A drug dealer (thank you, Dope Wars), wanted by the police (again, thank you Dope Wars), a jewel specialist (Bejeweled Blitz), a marine biologist (lil Blue Cove)?

I am also a regular supporter of events and causes, a fan of numerous types of pop culture (ie. Kenny vs. Spenny and Bjork), and an everyday activist for environmental issues.

Personal development is something I am very passionate about, as is evident by the number of personality profile quizzes I have taken:

-my ideal city is Seattle (no wonder I set my book there!)

-if I were a martial art, I would be Taekwondo (even though I personally prefer and am more active in Judo)

-if I were a Bible character, I would be David

-compare yourself to a dog?  I am a loveable and loyal golden retriever

Even my journalism skills have been called into use on Facebook as I write reviews on movies I have seen.  Sure, they  might only be 18 words long, but that in itself is an art!

Yeesh!  I am overwhelmed just thinking about all of my Facebook accomplishments.  And even with that in mind, I know that I have missed things.

Things like being an excellent communicator (instant messaging), creatively observant (commenting on people’s photos), and personable (199 friends and counting).

Yes, Facebook, you have changed my life.

You’ve made me a better person.

You’ve helped my achieve so much in my life.

All I have to do now is leave the computer and actually do some of these things for real.But hey, if I put any of my FB skills on my real resume, at least I know I’m not lying, and something’s got to be said for integrity, right?
In a recent Creative Writing class, we did a few exercises on character development.  We were to compose a list of questions that we would ask characters, supposing they were real people.

My list included things like favourite hot beverage; paper, plastic, or cloth bags; and favourite author, to name a few.

Part two of the exercise was to turn to a classmate and interview them, using primarily the made-up questions.

Next we each received a random photo taken off the internet.  There was no rhyme of reason, just a bunch of pics given to whomever came next alphabetically.

(and I’ll be honest—I soooo got one of the better photos)

The last step was to write our new characters (a.k.a. fellow students whom we’d just interviewed) into these photos in a single scene. 

So Jarrett Moffatt, here’s to you:

Rufus folded over in a coughing spasm as he tried to catch his breath, his knees crushing the freshly bought danishes in the cloth bag, his copy of the New York Times sprawled across the sidewalk.  He’d missed the bus.  Again.  Maybe it was a good thing his desserts were now a heap of pastry and icing.  He was out of shape, despite his lanky physique, and couldn’t run to save his life.  Or catch a bus.

Rufus slowly stood up and examined the damage.  Yup, they were crushed.  Those sweet, innocent cherry and cream cheese delights.  The swirl of colours looked like the desserts had just been through war, bleeding a delicious cherry flavoured blood.  Of course Rufus would still eat them.  What?  He’d paid good money for them.  And it’s not like they were really bleeding, that’s just gross.  Of course if something could bleed chocolate...  Hmm.  He’d have to pick up a hot chocolate now, too.

No, dammit, no time.  At least his MACbook was OK.  That was all that mattered.  So he’d be late—what else was new?

Rufus’ stomach grumbled.   He should eat.  No, he should get home.  He needed to take his turtles to the vet.  Michelangelo and Donatello.  Don’t ask.  If only turtles didn’t live as long as they did—then he wouldn’t be reminded of the foolishness of his childhood passions.  Well, OK, maybe they weren’t that foolish.  Come on, it’s pretty funny.  Even if they don’t like pizza, they’re still alright.

Whatever.  Enough, no time to be stupid.

Rufus hoisted up his shoulder bag, making himself more comfortable as he began the long trek home.  Suddenly he felt like Tom Joad having just left prison, making the journey home.  Tom Joad.  From the Grapes of Wrath.  Mmm, grapes.
I am finding it quite exhilarating to accomplish things. 

Knowing how close I am to the end of school?  Exhilarating.

Keeping in contact with really good connections?  Exhilarating.

Sticking with some (I can’t say all, but I’m definitely getting better!) of my New Year’s resolutions?  Exhilarating.

So far, now that a month has passed us, this year is going well.  Yes, bad days are still a regular occurrence, but it all depends on attitude.  I’m finding that the days that are the lousiest are the days I’m not starting my day off well.  The days that are going well?  I think it’s safe to say that I am doing something right.

My ideal morning starts:

·      a bit of time in devotion or prayer to prepare for everything that’s coming

·      a good, quick breakfast of complex carbs (like cereal, oatmeal, or a granola bar)

·      a workout inevitably follows. 

o   I do circuit training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday followed by some cardio and a really good yoga stretch and

o   Tuesday and Thursday are pure cardio, again with the amazing yoga stretch.  It totally makes a difference

o   Saturday/Sunday are family days—stretching, walking, playing games, whatever—something fun with family involvement

·      my day can’t continue without something more substantial in my belly—primarily yogurt and some fruit.  (I need to replenish with protein or I’d never survive the morning)

·      then there’s class or life or whatever!


It sounds like a lot has happened by the time 9am rolls around, and yes it has.

Do I enjoy getting up around 6am?  Not always, but it’s working.  At least on the days I maintain my routine.  I even like being the only girl working out with all the guys at the school gym most days.  That, too, is exhilarating.  Just don’t tell my husband… ;)
It’s 1 February today. 

Seriously, the first day of the second month of the tenth year of the latest millennium.  That’s not what’s bothering me so much.  I just can’t believe it’s been so long since I last updated my blog.

I’m actually kind of embarrassed.  My apologies to my loyal readers—both of you, I feel bad.

The New Year rang in with great promise.  I made a few resolutions.  One was to blog more.

I didn’t take into account that I’m not very good at resolutions.  Hmm.

I probably shouldn’t say that.  I actually kept my last year’s resolution until into 2010.  I decided to give up potato chips.  That’s tough for someone like me—kind of like telling an alcoholic they have to drink their coke plain.

Difficult, but doable.

And I did it.

One full year (plus a few weeks) of absolutely no “junk food.”  No chips, no Doritos, no “orange curls” (that’s what my grandpa calls cheezies—I just love that name, it’s grown on me.).

 It was a great year. 

Yes, I still had plenty of mood swings (I blame it on the caffeine I became addicted to in order to replace the salty-food cravings), and I rediscovered my love of popcorn (that’s OK because it’s air-popped, or so I keep telling myself...), but when you give something up that has played a crucial part in your life for so long (yes, my depression loved Doritos), it eventually comes back to bite you in the donkey.   (It also adds mass to that general area, as well as the tummy...if only my chest got more of the attention and my thighs a little less...)

I think that’s how I feel about my love of acting.  Whether I’m even any good or suck beyond words, it’s something I love doing.  There are few things in my life about which I could actually say, “If I had to spend the rest of my life doing only three things, this would be one of them.” (kind of like if I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would inevitably be potatoes.  They’re just so yummy!  You can keep your yams and sweet potatoes, I’ll take a nice Baker or Yukon any day! (again, another reason I might have an ample tummy...))

 I live to create.

It’s just that simple.

I think because I have given acting up for so long, now that I have the opportunity to try to get back into, it’s killing me that I’m finding so much opposition.  It’s not even auditions that are holding me back—it’s the cruel, real life scenario of being friends with the director.  I’m not, and I’m a friendly person (most days—again, I blame the caffeine...).  Is that what it’s all become?  The only way to do what you love, whether it’s going to change people’s lives or just be a few minutes of crap, is to know the right people?

Don’t answer that.

I already know the answer.  Since I’m almost 30, you would think I would have figured that one out by now. 

Really, I’ve always known it, but I just blame my naiveté on the caffeine...