I love water.

That's really all I have to say.  I could live under water for the rest of my life, (provided I had gills and, well, the general ability to live under water for the rest of my life...).  I would rather swim in a pool of water any day over a pool of mushroom soup, which happens to be my favourite soup, in case you were wondering.

When it comes to ordering bevies, I prefer water.  It's not that I'm cheap, although I am a 'pegger, so I kind of am, I just like the taste. I don't even need lemons or limes or all those other sweet things to make it taste better.

It doesn't need to taste better.  It already does.

But then there's the whole scientific aspect.  Our bodies are made up of about 65% water, which needs to be replenished constantly.  We need eight to twelve 8-oz glasses of water a day.

And there you have it--you've gone and complicated everything with math.  Don't get me wrong, I like math; so much so, that I will often try to do long-division in my head simply for the sake of doing long-division in my head.

But drinking shouldn't be a science, it should be a pleasure...

...and that's why I'm an artist.
As a writer there is almost nothing worse than writer's block.  I should know.  I've spent the past 5 months hanging out with it.

I am in the midst of writing an e-harlequin; my first in the genre.  Six months ago I came up with a fantastic idea.  OK, that's not entirely true.  I came up with an idea I had already been working on and altered it to fit the project I wanted to do.  Sometimes stealing your own ideas is just a bad idea.

Don't get me wrong--I would never steal anyone else's ideas; that's just lame!  (I've had enough of my own stolen, I could never do that to anyone else.)  But when they're your own, you should have full reign right?

So that's what I did.

I went through my works in progress and found something I thought could work for my Harlequin.

It doesn't.

I mean, it might, if I had more room to make it fit.  But I don't.  I only have so many words to tell my story, so that means new idea.  Let me rephrase that, new short idea.  And fast.

Last night was my breakthrough.  Goodbye writer's block!  What an awesome feeling to sit down and crank out 5000 words.  (My butt didn't feel so awesome, but I tried to mix it up, typing while standing up...).  And they're 5000 good words.

But then I haven't really reread them yet.

So they might not be that good.

But I'm gonna stay hopeful and just not read any of it until I'm done.  Nothing like naivety to keep things fresh.
I was driving the other night down Bishop Grandin (Winnipeg's kinda version of a freeway.  No who am I kidding?  This is Winnipeg--we don't have cool American things like that...) and was stopped at a set of lights.

That was when the cops came flying by.

As they closed in on the intersection it became clear they weren't planning on slowing down, let alone stopping.  So their lights came on.  Makes sense.  They're on a chase of sorts, off to catch the bad guys for whatever they've done now, right?

Or not.

As soon as they passed the intersection, their bright, shiny, flashing police lights turned right off.

Don't get me wrong--I have great respect for the guys (and gals, but to me "guys" just sums up both genders) who keep our streets safe from speeders and the like.  Maybe I just keep seeing them in the wrong light?

Let me take you back a few years...

It's winter in Winnipeg.  That means it cold.  Freezing cold.  I am driving down Lag when my car stalls.  Luckily I am at an intersection (Lagimodiere and Dugald).  Oh, and lucky me--there is a cruiser at the front of the cross intersection.

And there they sat as I pushed my car across the intersection.  By myself.  In the freezing January weather.  It was heavy.  And kinda hard to steer.  But I did it.  Without help from the police.  So much for serve and protect.  But I guess they do protect...most days...

In the meantime, if you ever stall in the middle of winter and need a push, you know who you can call.  I'm an excellent car-pusher (I figured I'd better put the word car in there before you call the cops on me...) even in winter.
You know those days when you have really big plans?  Sometimes they are a little too big, but you still you dream of accomplishing a mountainous list of items.

I had my day all figured out:

5 am  wake up
5:05   work out
6 am  shower
6:20   breakfast
9 am  school
during my breaks I would climb stairs
lunch time: photograph the exchange
1 pm  more school
4:30 and on: write an essay, practise my speeches, read and have supper sometime in there
7:30   my very first playwriting class

It was to be a very full day.  Unfortunately, it's still cold season, and I've still got it bad.  So how productive did my day turn out to be?  Hmm, let's see:

4 am  woke up from coughing
6 am  started getting ready for school
6:30   decided that there was no way I was going to survive it
7 am  started emailing and texting (I'd have called, but I've lost my voice)
8 am and on: has been a blur of falling asleep between episodes of The Office (Season 3--at last, Pam and Jim finally get together!  Can't wait for season 5 opener (engagement) and closer (pregnancy!)).

So if you count finally getting some much-needed rest, I suppose it was a very productive day.  My throat and chest still kill (that's the bronchitis for you)  and after a full day of silence I still can't speak a single word (my laryngitis is really bad), but my fever is gone.  At least I think it is.  I should probably go check on that (it might explain the constant hot flashes and cold chills.)  Hmm...
Usually I would be excited with new adventures, like starting this blog, for example, but you need energy for something like that.  Today is just not one of those days.

The following is not a list of complaints, but rather a list of facts:
-I have a headache
-I have a fever of 102.1
-I have bronchitis

I also don't have any cravings right now.  That's cool.  No desire for anything salty or sweet--just the refreshing taste of pure unbottled water.  Mmm.  Delish.  Thank you Britta, you've been my constant companion for many-a-days.  (One of the best wedding shower gifts we got.)

I'd say more, but my eyes are heavy and my head is bobbing, and the next thing I know, I'll be muttering jibberish in keyboardian.
fhawdj h65fa9eoif.hdsk hdi(fah fdh/f+io$aeh# 

Whoops!  Too late.  That's my cue to pop another Advil and take a nap.  Mmm, sleep.