Alas, we have arrived.

The drive into the city was exciting. I felt just like Ferris, Sloan, and Cameron as we drove toward the skyscrapered skyline.

Except I wasn't in a Ferarri; I was on a bus.

And the windows weren't open.

And also there is a top on the bus.

But otherwise, it was exactly the same feeling!

We stopped yesterday in Cheesetown, USA. It was really nice. Full of cheese. But no stamps. That was disappointing. But I did get two wrestling magazines! (I can't believe I just spent that much on Wrestling magazines! I don't even spend that much on haircuts...) Those were enjoyed with a small paper bag of gas station popcorn and Cherry Coke Zero. So good!

I did a fair bit of walking yesterday, although not as much as I would have hoped. (but then I was still on a bus for most of the day, so I guess that sort of cancels it out.) 13,000+ steps. But then I did have a lot of chocolate.

While walking down the Magnificent Mile, we (the sweet Bonnie, the lovable Ashlee, and myself, the "not quite sure what adjective to put here" me) found the Hershey shop. Naturally, we went in and were immediately greeted by the most wonderful man who offered us free samples! (Note to single men: want to get a gal? Give her free chocolate! (but not so much that she gets fat--then you're pretty much a dead man))

After being overwhelmed by the enticing scent of chocolate, we went to the little cafe inside where I ordered a hugely delicious Reese Peanut Butter cookie with a Hershey chocolate milk. Mmm mmm mmm!

That was followed with book shopping, a non-Chicago deepdish pizza party (still disappointed about that! Now I will have to seek out pizza and eat it again! Oh, the horror!), more book shopping, a stop in H & M where I realized that maybe I shouldn't have eaten pizza if I ever want to wear anything from there, a walk down to Lake Michigan, window shopping at Gucci, and more chocolate. I met Melanie and Kenton (our two instructor supervisors) and Jennifer, a sweet and hilarious underage first year, and we walked over to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Company. Here, Kenton treated us to more treats--chocolate!

Walking into the little bistro, we were immediately greeted with a sample! Mmm, heaven. After which, Kenton and Jennifer each had a cup of what looked like melted fudge (more like half each--it was just so rich they couldn't eat, or rather drink it all), Melanie enjoyed a milkshake, and I had most of a Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sundae.


It was amazing. But filling. And rich. And peanut buttery. And delicious. And it's just too early to be thinking about that now as I enjoy a good ol' strawberry yogurt. Mmm, un-chocolatey.

So far I partly met my goal: I got some sleep last night! That's also the goal for tonight. Catch up. And the 10 minutes I got on the bus ride yesterday don't really count toward it.

Today I would like to go inside of Gucci (because I am wearing a dress, chances are good that I won't get kicked out!). And Armani. And Tiffanys. I know Cartier is around here somewhere too, I just haven't seen it yet. I probably won't buy anything at any of these stores--OK, I know I won't buy anything--but I can finally see what a pair of $12,000 pants look like! Very excited.

Now off to face the day. Get ready, feet.
10/28/2010 09:12

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