This morning I bought my daily Coke Zero.  Most people buy coffee or a latte or something of the sort, but not me; I just don't like the taste.  But as of late, I have discovered that I really like the addition of caffeine to my day.  It's surprisingly pleasant--until my mid-afternoon crash, of course.  But that happens with or without the coke.

So this morning, while waiting in line to pay for my a.m. pick-me-up, I noticed something new and exciting on the counter: Cow Tales.

I was immediately intrigued.

Shaped like a long stick, it's basically a chewy caramel with a cream center.  It's really weird.  I like cream (the whipped kind, anyway--remember?  I don't like coffee?), and caramel is pretty good, but to mix them, hmm.  I want to say it's genius...but I'm really not so sure.

I am currently chewing the last few bites and still trying to figure out if I should be licking my lips or preparing a bucket to vomit in.

The two items on their own are great, but the combination really is kind of creepy. 

And funny tasting. 

And even now, I can feel the gasses of my stomach rumbling, wanting to reject the strange concoction.

Maybe being adventurous and inquisitive isn't such a good thing.  I think tomorrow I'll just stick to Coke.  In the meantime, I could sure use a GingerAle.

And a bottle of Tums.
11/12/2009 03:24:15 am

I don't get it, why are they called Cow Tales? Do they come with an interesting anecdote? Is there a back story on that little package somewhere?

Obviously they should be called Cow Tails. The company that made them probably thought it would clever to use a homophone but it really doesn't make any sense at all.

Here's a Cow Tale for you:
"A cow named Cowy McCow was in his pen. A bird flew by and noticed his delicious tail. The bird swooped down and took a huge bite of Cowy's tail. To the bird's shock and amazement, instead of blood, the tail was filled with caramel. The bird, which happened to have a sever allergy to caramel, died."

11/15/2009 07:53:22 am

The girls at the Merc told me that the cow tails aren't very good...after your mixed review last week I chickened out and bought gum instead. Sigh. Big purchases scare me! lol


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