Yes, I know it’s not fall just yet, but the last several rainy days, you’d never know.

The summer has really thrown me for a loop. There have been plenty of unanticipated surprises—an unexpected pregnancy (not mine—still not pregnant, which I’m OK with...sort of.), the loss of another baby, new friendships beginning, old friendships ending, death (it was my car, but it still counts; my poor, poor baby Ben), life (that would be my new red Pontiac baby Liam), and a slew of other things. I could talk about one marriage ending, while another new love is just beginning (again, not mine; Ryan and I are doing great!), but I’d rather not revel in the past. I want to look to the future.

So I won’t tell you that I didn’t exactly do my best at keeping up with my blog this summer. Trust me, I’m quite aware of it. What I will tell you, is that September is my time for new beginnings. Already, early this morning, I’ve been faced with a temptation that I’ve overcome (I know it’s barely after 6 am, but I was out and about shopping this morning at 5 am, so humour me if you will), and I’m actually really proud of myself.

 It’s a good start to a great month.

It’s great because my grandpa will be celebrating his 91st birthday in two weeks. I’ll be celebrating my four-year anniversary in nine days. In ten days, my current favourite baby, Skyla, will be turning one. (I only say my current favourite because she is the only one I regularly spend time with—and also she’s soooo adorable! Look out infant boys, we’ve got a hottie in the making! (That’s not creepy if I say that, right? Because she will totally be gorgeous—she already is.)) My in-laws will be celebrating their 35th anniversary near the end of the month. And also, we’re close to October, which means my birthday. And Halloween.

But enough rambling.

This is September. It’s a new school year (even though I’m not in school right now). A time to start fresh. A time to be a better parent, a better wife, a better friend, and a better person.

And also, I’ve just discovered audio books on my MP3 player—which means more multi-tasking. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve just saved. Yay!

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