First Post! - Reading Rachel
Usually I would be excited with new adventures, like starting this blog, for example, but you need energy for something like that.  Today is just not one of those days.

The following is not a list of complaints, but rather a list of facts:
-I have a headache
-I have a fever of 102.1
-I have bronchitis

I also don't have any cravings right now.  That's cool.  No desire for anything salty or sweet--just the refreshing taste of pure unbottled water.  Mmm.  Delish.  Thank you Britta, you've been my constant companion for many-a-days.  (One of the best wedding shower gifts we got.)

I'd say more, but my eyes are heavy and my head is bobbing, and the next thing I know, I'll be muttering jibberish in keyboardian.
fhawdj h65fa9eoif.hdsk hdi(fah fdh/f+io$aeh# 

Whoops!  Too late.  That's my cue to pop another Advil and take a nap.  Mmm, sleep.
9/22/2009 01:19:17

Hey, that's our bed!


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