I am calling it my Holiday To-Do, not because I don't believe in Christmas (I super believe in Christmas), but I don't have much left to do for Christmas.  80% of my gifts are bought, more than half are wrapped, so Christmas is good.  What I'm talking about is what I am going to do on my holidays.  I'm so excited!

Hmm, where to begin.

  • My amazingly awesome friend Ashlee is going to lend me her True Blood books, so I'll be reading those
  • I am going to reread the Twilight series (nothing like a third time through--that should take all of 3 days)
  • I will have to see New Moon again (so good)
  • I want to make my grandpa a calendar filled with bible verses and family photos--just the things he loves!
  • Also, I want to buy my grandpa a bottle of Anacin.  I like to get him things he can use.  Last year I got him toilet paper, and for his birthday he got a bag of "orange cheese curls," or more commonly known as Cheezies.  He loves them (they're nice and soft on his false teeth)
  • I want to spend some time volunteering at a soup kitchen with my daughter
  • I'm going to get all the XBOX achievements in Lego Batman for my hubby, Ryan
  • I would like to make a few things for my parents for Christmas
  • Maybe do some baking (probably not though--it's just nice to think about; I totally don't need the extra calories)
  • I wouldn't mind making perogies or can homemade pasta sauce (I make an awesome sauce--amazing!)
  • Get back into my calorie-counting routine (I stopped while in school, it was just too intense.  Besides, how can I focus on math when I'm trying to be creative??!!)
  • Do a super-thorough house clean (dusting EVERYWHERE)
  • Go through Leah's clothes and donate what doesn't fit her anymore
  • Go though my clothes and donate what doesn't fit anymore (including the pants I am wearing today--they're so big, but so comfy!  (WARNING: Shameless plug ahead)  Thank you, Old Navy, for regularly making awesome clothes that I can keep affording to replace)
  • I wouldn't mind making some CDs (or DVDs or whatever--as long as my car will play 'em, I'll make 'em.  I know DVDs have more room, and my stereo does play MP3s and WMA CDs, so we'll see, maybe it will play an MP3 DVD?  Long shot, but you know...)
  • I want to make that amazingly good free-range chicken in the freezer
  • I would like to send out Christmas cards this year (I still have the stamps from last year)
  • Having the killer-hot Kerilee and her honey Scott over for dinner and games would be great, too
  • Um, get pregnant?  Ya, that could be fun...Even if we just practice...
  • Get back into my regular exercise routine
  • Surpass Keane on XBOX achievements (again for Ryan--I don't play under my own account)
  • Write another draft of my e-Harlequin
  • Finish the first draft of my full-length play
  • Start the second draft of my full-length play
  • Re-organize my office

I totally know that I am missing things that I want to do.  Of course, I also know that the chances of me getting everything on this list done aren't that great.  I like to over plan and set the bar really high, which sucks, because disappointment often follows. 

But hey, if I can do even 3 things over my 3 week holiday, then I've done well, and that will make me happy. 

So take that, Disappointment!  And if you're not down with that, then I got two words for you...(If you are a wrestling fan (DX), then you will know what those two words are, if not, well, then I've got two different words for you: too bad!)
11/25/2009 11:16:43 pm

Thanks for the achievements sweetie. :)


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