I recently started a new class on Wednesday evening.  It's called the Spoken Voice, but it felt more like a lamaze class, assuming I actually know what that's like.  (I've never been pregnant, despite the jokes I used to make at the dinner table to get attention.  Oh to be 14 again.)  It basically consisted of lying on the floor and breathing.

And then we did partner work.

I was paired up with a guy, so it really felt like a lamaze class should, except for the fact that I had never met this strange man, let alone be having his baby.  But it felt like it should--his arms on my waist to make sure I am taking full breaths in my stomach, of course, again with the exception that he wasn't my husband and I'm still not pregnant (not that I'm trying, either.  But I'm also not trying not to get pregnant, so you know...).

I'm looking forward to next week's class.  In the meantime, if I decide to give birth this week, I can totally give a speech at the same time.

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