You know those days when you have really big plans?  Sometimes they are a little too big, but you still you dream of accomplishing a mountainous list of items.

I had my day all figured out:

5 am  wake up
5:05   work out
6 am  shower
6:20   breakfast
9 am  school
during my breaks I would climb stairs
lunch time: photograph the exchange
1 pm  more school
4:30 and on: write an essay, practise my speeches, read and have supper sometime in there
7:30   my very first playwriting class

It was to be a very full day.  Unfortunately, it's still cold season, and I've still got it bad.  So how productive did my day turn out to be?  Hmm, let's see:

4 am  woke up from coughing
6 am  started getting ready for school
6:30   decided that there was no way I was going to survive it
7 am  started emailing and texting (I'd have called, but I've lost my voice)
8 am and on: has been a blur of falling asleep between episodes of The Office (Season 3--at last, Pam and Jim finally get together!  Can't wait for season 5 opener (engagement) and closer (pregnancy!)).

So if you count finally getting some much-needed rest, I suppose it was a very productive day.  My throat and chest still kill (that's the bronchitis for you)  and after a full day of silence I still can't speak a single word (my laryngitis is really bad), but my fever is gone.  At least I think it is.  I should probably go check on that (it might explain the constant hot flashes and cold chills.)  Hmm...
9/22/2009 01:20:17 am

Sorry that you had such a bad day. At least you got a nice blog post written!


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