I made a mistake.  A big one.  One I knew I was making, but still I just couldn't help myself.

Last week, I went and saw the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, it must have been really bad if she regrets it so much."

That's the problem--it wasn't.

I am a big fan of the books--they're really great, well-written, such an easy read (I should know, I've read all 4 twice in under a week (the second time it was actually only 3 days)), but I knew New Moon was the hardest read.  It's so emotional, filled with pain and heartbreak; something I could relate to.  I can still remember crying, feeling the pain in my heart that Bella feels, understanding the frozen state of being she walks around in.  Heartbreak hurts, this I know.  And so I understand it a little too well and empathize with it even more so. Call me an empath, if you will, because I pick up others emotions far too easily and make them my own.

My world is so busy right now, crowded with life and assignments beyond belief, and I knew that if I went and saw the film, I would inevitably feel her pain.  It would, of course, put me at risk of not being able to do my own work and focus on my own life knowing that someone, albeit someone fictional, was in so much pain.

I decided I would wait until my Christmas break started.

I failed.  I went and saw it anyway.

And I loved it.  Which presents me with my next problem--now I am ready to go back and read the books. 


I know that when I break them out, I literally do nothing but read for 3 or 4 days.  I can't afford the time now, but still it makes it difficult, knowing they are there and I long to read them so much.  (I've already asked my husband not to hide them, promising him self-control this time, but I'm thinking him hiding them might not be such a bad thing.  Of course, the last time he hid them I wasn't overly happy about it; but then he did do it without telling me).

But as it's been a few days now, I might actually be able to get through the last few weeks without breaking down and reading them.  Although, everytime I listen to the soundtrack or hear tunes from the first album, my self-control starts to waver.

Luckily, I requested a copy of Dead Until Dark, the first of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood novels, from the library not expecting it until Christmas.  And what a surprise it showed up early. 

As in Friday.

Sadly, I'm almost done.  I've found a new distraction.

But hey, at least it's not Twilight!
I'm only anti-Twilight until Christmas; when I can afford the time, perhaps I'll post the picture with hearts? Ya, maybe not...

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