I have been applying for jobs for the past several months without any luck. It’s really disconcerting. I’ve reviewed my resume multiple times and it’s in good shape, but obviously just not good enough.

I can’t even say that I’ve been bombing the interviews, because I don’t seem to be getting that far. In fact, I have not heard back from most of the places I’ve applied which makes me wonder—how do you stay in business? Sure, I’ve received the “we just got your resume but we will not be reviewing it until the posting ends, so we’ll call you after such time” message, or the “the position has been temporarily filled, but we will still be looking to hire in the fall; call you then!” emails. 

Thank you.

At least you took the time to let us know that you are looking over (or at least receiving) our submissions. It’s the rest of you—how do you manage to function from day to day if the simplest tasks can’t be performed? I’m so confused. Obviously you need to hire someone (which is why I sent you my resume!).

Yesterday I got another letter. (Well, technically it’s the first—all the others have been emails). My husband handed it to me with an “I’m sorry,” knowing full well what it was without opening it. That’s OK. I’m a writer—I’ve received my share of rejection letters in the past, it’s just part of the business. The position was for the Communications Manager at a major firm in the city (whose name I will not reveal) to which I am incredibly under qualified for. Was I expecting the job? Not a chance. I was, however, hoping for an interview—even if just for the practice. Instead, I got a beautifully written form letter.

With a typo.


The idea was there, but they kind of missed a word:

“We have received many applications for this position. After careful review you did not make the interview list and we will not offering an interview. I wish you all the best in finding a position suitable to your career aspirations.”

Did you see it? Or rather, did you not see it? Try again:

“…we will not (BLANK) offering…”

You know what? That’s OK if you don’t want to give me the job, or even an interview. I am well aware I don’t have the experience for the position. Just make sure you do hire someone with a good grasp on grammar.

Oops—let me try that again: hire someone with good grasp grammar.

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