I got this quote in an email once. It was interesting. I don’t know much about Malcolm X (never saw the movie, and I’m Canadian, so I didn’t learn about him in school), but Denzel is a good actor. So I figured why not—I like time and planning and the future and things like that. Maybe it’ll be my motivation for a week?

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

                  - Malcolm X, American spokesman for the Nation of Islam

I like being prepared. I know I didn’t really stick with Brownies and Girl Guides, but I would have made a really good scout. I’m almost always prepared. When you need something, I’m usually the girl who’s got it. You should see my backpacks—no wonder I have back problems.

I just like knowing that things will be taken care of.

But something’s got to be said for not knowing what’s coming up and just dealing with it. I like those people—the one’s who don’t a have a worry because they have faith that everything will work out (or they’re just really ignorant and totally have no idea what’s going on in life. I know people like that too—I blame the _____ (insert whatever word here)).

I like being spontaneous. Really, I do (despite the fact that I pretty much planned my entire Chicago trip day by day). It’s quite a rush not knowing what’s coming next. Of course, there’s also fear involved in that rush.

But when you plan everything, you’re left with a lot of discomfort. You’ve got a purse that’s way too heavy because you’ve got everything in there that anyone you meet will need (I was trying to avoid that old cliché about some kitchen item that you wash dishes in that isn’t the dishwasher). Your car is packed full with stuff
just in case. In the end, your life is filled with clutter in the event that one day you might need these items. And you know what? Often I don’t need them.

So here’s to back relief and lighter purses and emptier wallets. Here’s to room in our cars and space in our medicine cabinets. But mostly, here’s to tomorrow, because who knows what’s going to happen?

(Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write my to-do list for tomorrow.)

6/18/2010 05:25:01 am

Sweet, does that mean that I can take some stuff out of the trunk? :) jk


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