These past few weeks, I have done sooo much personal branding.  It's interesting, because you think you know who you are, but in the end you have absolutely no idea.  Or maybe that's just me?

I know where I came from.

I kind of know where I am right now.

But where am I going?  Haven't got a clue.  Mostly.

Sometimes a map would be nice.  Something to say, "you need to do this, and go here and do that."  But at the end of the day, do I actually want to be told what to do? 

It looks good on paper. 

But I know me--I'm a free spirit, and as my mom always said, "You'll just do whatever it is you want, anyway, Rachel." 


I guess you were right, Mom.

That's always an odd moment--kind of surreal and scary even--discovering that your parents actually knew what they were talking about.  So weird.

I read somewhere that your teens are where you become you. Your 20s are where you discover just who you are.  Your 30s are where you accept who you are.  By your 40s, you've finally grasped that it doesn't really matter--life's too short, so you just live and enjoy it.

I'm quite a long ways from 40, so in the meantime, I still care.  I've got 2 years before my "acceptance stage," so I guess that's something to look forward to.  It's just going to be difficult to accept what you're not really sure about.

But on the plus side, I do still have 2 years to figure out who I am.

Hmm.  Maybe a map wouldn't be so bad afterall.
11/15/2009 03:39:20 am

Well, I gotta say, I just read all your postings and you are one talented writer! Let me expand on that a little...just to prove I am not being biased because I like you... normally, I think blogs are a little ridiculous... I mean, I am not one for needing to know what happens in someone's day or taking the time to read it...but your writing is entertaining and I find myself wanting to read more...something that totally took me by surprise! So, please, keep the good writing coming and thanks for sharing your thoughts on life with all of us... finally someone is posting thoughts worth reading!!!


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