Random Finger Clicks on a Camera


More actual photos are on the way, but in the meantime, check out my awesome self-portrait using paint!


You don't have to tell me I don't really look like that, I know I don't.  As if my left arm and right leg are that much longer than their counter-parts.  (Of course you were probably thinking of my tiny waist...and yeah, you're right...for now, cos it gets smaller every month!  Whoo!  (although this is the internet, does that mean I should be using w00t now?!  *sigh* so confusing...))  Pul-leeze.  But at least my mouse skills are flippin' awesome.  OK, no, they're not really...but let me have my moment!

Having spent an amazing week in Chicago, I got a little camera happy. I won't post all of my photos--just some of my favourite ones from some of my favourite places. For more details about all of my amazing adventures, check out my May blog posts HERE.

Chicago Trip - The Art Institute of Chicago