Who am I and why are you here?

The search goes ever on...

I want to say I've done it all.  Really, I haven't, but I've sure had my share.  You probably find me arrogant, but I'm actually talking about my hair.  I'm a girl, would you expect anything less?  From fire engine red to an ugly coppery colour, I've had it longish, and shortish, in the middle, and longer, then shorter some more, and my mom's favourite, none at all.  Yes, I shaved my head.  Twice, actually.  And it was fantastic. I've even had "The Rachel," which was fitting, since I am a Rachel...

Born on a snowy October night...ya, I'm so not going there.

You've taken time out of your hard day to spend on my website--the least I can do is run down the basic stats of my being and try to make some sense as to why you've decided to visit me here. It's probably because we're friends on Facebook. If not, we could be. I like friends...
It's a crime not to know Rach H

Rap Sheet

Name: Rachel Hawryluk
Alias: Captain Awesome Pants
Radio Name: Rach H
DOB: 15 October 1981
Height: 5'5'
Weight: Just enough to love
Eyes: Black coffee brown
Hair: Dark brown
Best Physical Feature: Mysterious mood-ring eyes
Best Creative Attribute: Mad writing skills
Current City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba
Occupation: Copywriter/communications specialist

BFA Drama, Creative Communications Diploma

Prior Records of Awesomness:

Bowling: While dancing, suspect threw a ball backwards with the opposite hand (not looking at the lane) and landed a strike. That's just awesome




Hawryluk is convicted of working hard, writing creative copy, and exceeding expectations. She has been charged with multiple amateur playwriting awards and is a known enthusiast of Pro Wrestling and the WWE. A former provincal Judo silver medalist, Hawryluk is currently focusing on writing and publishing e-Harlequins and children's picture books.

Suspect is a lover of trees and has been known to dress up as one for Halloween