I have spent the last two years (basically since my hubby bought the XBOX) trying to get achievements on Bejeweled 2. Let’s just say it’s almost next to impossible (for 10 points, I have to beat 280 levels; after more than two years, I'm still only on 151). I don’t play too regularly, just every once in a while for a few minutes.

While waiting for some dishes to dry, I thought I would put in a few minutes this afternoon, which got me thinking about what day it is.

It's Tuesday which means that NXT is on. I love wrestling, and I love even more that my husband encourages me to watch sweaty, half-naked, super ripped men roll around with each other. (I really do have the greatest husband of all time.)

Now, NXT is like a reality wrestling show. It’s not the greatest, but then there has only been one season so they were still finding their sea legs. Tonight is the beginning of season 2. That means there are 8 new rookies who all want to get into the WWE and live their dreams of being a Pro Wrestler. We’ll see.

But playing Bejeweled got me thinking about last week’s finale. David Otunga, the fiancé of Jennifer Hudson, was one of the top three finalists. Part of his character includes his $300 haircuts, which basically is just a shave of his head with some fancy design in it. Sadly, they’re not always very good (you should have seen when he had RAW written—it looked oh-so-tacky (you know what? you can! I managed to post a screen shot)). Last Tuesday was no exception. Mixing it up, he decided to bedazzle his hair.

Yes, you read that right—he literally bejeweled his hair. Without question, I think that was the worst style I’ve ever seen on any wrestling show.

Hair is an important part of each character’s persona. Typically it is longish, or shaved close to the head. There are a few who dare to be different, including Chris Jericho who often gets flack for his cut. But it suits him and it makes him stand out.

Perhaps that was what David Otunga was after? A chance to stand out and be remembered? I just don’t know if bedazzled hair is quite how he wants to be remembered. But then again, he isn't exactly a wrestler (if anything, he's the worst wrestler on NXT), so maybe his bedazzling skills are all he's got.

And the fact that he met the President.

Ah, the hideous "RAW" haircut

I'll admit, some of the designs were kind of cool.

For the Finale, Otunga came out with some smarts--he came out hooded, even though he always came out wearing his hoodie.

From the front, he even looked normal...

...and then he started to fight and the camera gave us a taste of his love for bedazzling.

And we eventually saw it all, and it was horrible. Oh Jennifer, what were you thinking, letting David leave the house with his hair like that? (please don't let David Jr. take after daddy)

6/9/2010 01:25:30 am

"I went to Harvard. You know who else went to Harvard?

The President!"


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