It's just after six in the morning here in Minneapolis.

Back home in Winnipeg, it would be just after six in the morning, you know, with the timezone change and all.

Holy smack, that was a long bus ride yesterday. Typically when I go to the Twin Cities, I make a stop in Albertville and stop at a outlet store we don't have back home--like an Old Navy.

Yes, we have Old Navys, but we don't have them in Albertville!

That mid-way stop between Fargo and Minni is just enough to stretch my legs. I really needed that yesterday. I suppose today, when we head back on the road for the 6-hour trek (or so I've been told) to the Second City, I will have to make pretend trips to the bus restroom. For me, of course, it's the bus walkroom.

My goal today is to sleep.

I had little sleep Sunday night (we left Monday a.m.), no sleep on the bus, and even less last night.

I don't mind. Every girl needs to have late-night gigglefests and heart-to-heart talks about Nathan Fillion. It's just part of growing up.

This morning, I have welcomed the day with a glass of pink lemonade (holy sweet mother of sugar, Batman!) that's still warm (is that an American thing?), a banana, a yogurt, and two little blueberry muffins. 

Mmm. Delish.

I ended my day on a high note yesterday with a really good swim in the pool (I've missed doing my laps!) and a long walk-about through the Mall of America. I bought two pairs of shoes and some XBOX games.

All in all, money well spent.

The scary/negative/worst-part-of-the-trip-so-far thing, though?

Portion distortion!

I ordered a medium drink yesterday with lunch--I got a Big Gulp slurpee!

The sizes of food and their portions are insane. No wonder America has an obesity problem. So my other goal is to not gain weight. I just need to maintain--that's all. I can worry about losing weight when I get home. I weighed myself Sunday morning, so I know where I stand. And yes, I did spend about 30 billion hours too many on the bus yesterday, but I still got my 10,000 steps in (quite a lot more actually. Plus about 50 or so laps at the pool...but then it was a short pool...).

So goals for today: Sleep!
Goal for the week: Don't get fatter!

And on a side note, I'd like to send out a warm thank you to my new mini shampoo bottle--thanks for making my hair smell so nice!

But also, please hotels, stop using down feathers in your pillows. Super swollen eyes isn't very becoming!
5/4/2010 12:04:22 am

Xbox games? I told you not to get anything for me. :P


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