First off, my marriage is fine.

People read “couples’ therapy” and immediately assume we’re having issues. 

We’re not. 

It’s like when we took a Love and Respect course last year.  Everyone thought our first few years were already rocky. 

Of course not. 

We took it so we could have that strong foundation so we can ride out the rocky days.  I promise you, there is such a thing as a healthy marriage.  It includes love, fights, collaboration and, well, the good stuff.

We didn’t go to Couples’ Therapy for help—we went for a date!

Two of my fellow playwrights, Dan Augusta and Jessy Ardern, put on a fantastic show on Saturday night with the rest of their troupe, The Struts and Frets Players. 

Entitled Couples’ Therapy: an Evening with Shakespeare’s Most Dysfunctional Lovers, the 90-minute evening consisted of 8 scenes, 3 sonnets, and 3 songs with original music by the Flying Romantics (lyrics by William Shakespeare).  Totally refreshing.

Like most high school students, I was forced to read Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.  (Hamlet was never an option, although I’m sure I watched Mel Gibson back in the late 90s…)

But wait for it--Couples’ Therapy didn’t include Romeo and Juliet.  (At least not Juliet.  There was a minute-long run-through of the play, and why it wasn’t included, by the amazing Ariel Levine as Romeo.  But I’m digressing.  Back on task.)

It did, however, include a segment from one of my favourites: Much Ado About Nothing. 

Ah Beatrice and Benedick. 

So spiteful of each other, and so perfect for one another.  (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a comedy, they obviously get together! (although Romeo and Juliet also got together and that one was a tragedy… Hmm; maybe I didn’t spoil anything…))

But seeing the players on Saturday night, then doing a great reading (for a cold read in a writing class, tears never hurt) on Monday night, and preparing to see myself in two short films tonight (Tuesday), I can’t tell you more how much I miss acting.  I miss the stage, the lights, the makeup, and the rush of being completely vulnerable before hundreds of people while fully clothed.  Damn that feels good.

So CreComm, you’re fun and all, but I can’t wait until you’re over.  I want my weekends and evenings back.  My acting needs the time, my writing needs the discipline, and my bank account could sure use the money. But most importantly, CreComm, my marriage needs the focus, or I might just need real couples’ therapy after all.

3/23/2010 12:17:47 pm

Great review of the play Rachel. You should be a movie critic !! along with your other great talents! When are you going to E-mail me that steamy Harlequin Romance you wrote. i 'm your mother but I can handle it !!
Can't wait till your finished CreComm too, we want to see more of you too !!


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