I am finding it quite exhilarating to accomplish things. 

Knowing how close I am to the end of school?  Exhilarating.

Keeping in contact with really good connections?  Exhilarating.

Sticking with some (I can’t say all, but I’m definitely getting better!) of my New Year’s resolutions?  Exhilarating.

So far, now that a month has passed us, this year is going well.  Yes, bad days are still a regular occurrence, but it all depends on attitude.  I’m finding that the days that are the lousiest are the days I’m not starting my day off well.  The days that are going well?  I think it’s safe to say that I am doing something right.

My ideal morning starts:

·      a bit of time in devotion or prayer to prepare for everything that’s coming

·      a good, quick breakfast of complex carbs (like cereal, oatmeal, or a granola bar)

·      a workout inevitably follows. 

o   I do circuit training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday followed by some cardio and a really good yoga stretch and

o   Tuesday and Thursday are pure cardio, again with the amazing yoga stretch.  It totally makes a difference

o   Saturday/Sunday are family days—stretching, walking, playing games, whatever—something fun with family involvement

·      my day can’t continue without something more substantial in my belly—primarily yogurt and some fruit.  (I need to replenish with protein or I’d never survive the morning)

·      then there’s class or life or whatever!


It sounds like a lot has happened by the time 9am rolls around, and yes it has.

Do I enjoy getting up around 6am?  Not always, but it’s working.  At least on the days I maintain my routine.  I even like being the only girl working out with all the guys at the school gym most days.  That, too, is exhilarating.  Just don’t tell my husband… ;)
2/24/2010 01:55:23 am

I can read you know. :P


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