Tonight I was part of a focus group with 12 other people. 

It was entertaining.  I made $50, so I’ll take it.

While there, I sat next to a guy named Jon (his name is changed for confidentiality’s sake.  Nah, who am I kidding?  His name was really Jon).  We chatted for a bit, joked around, basically hit it off well.

During the course of the evening, however, I mentioned that I am currently studying Creative Communications at Red River College.

Suddenly, nice, quiet tattooed Jon spoke up very angrily, “You’re in the program they call CreComm?”

 I nodded enthusiastically. 

With disgust, he continued, “You’re a CreComm?”

Woops.  Did I do something wrong?

Apparently dear old (well young, really—I’d say about 30ish) Jon spent $35,000 (disgusting, right?  My BFA didn’t cost me that much!) at the Academy of Broadcasting and couldn’t find a job to save his life—all the jobs went to this horrible cultish group of freaks called CreComms. 

(Ya, I also don’t get all the emphases on “CreComms”, but he said it like that, not me)


On the plus side, at least I know I’m very likely to get a job.  Thanks Jon.  With school winding down, that’s just the encouragement I need. 

Plus I got $50 for hanging out with you, so I’ll take it.

3/18/2010 03:23:28 pm

oh jon jon jon.

3/19/2010 01:26:44 am

It's nice to know that as we Crecomms enter the working world, we'll be successful...and have to watch out for bitter ABC grads chasing us down :)

3/19/2010 11:53:48 am

Ha Jon. That'll teach ya not to do your research and try to take the easy, 9 month, $35,000 way out!


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