I was driving the other night down Bishop Grandin (Winnipeg's kinda version of a freeway.  No who am I kidding?  This is Winnipeg--we don't have cool American things like that...) and was stopped at a set of lights.

That was when the cops came flying by.

As they closed in on the intersection it became clear they weren't planning on slowing down, let alone stopping.  So their lights came on.  Makes sense.  They're on a chase of sorts, off to catch the bad guys for whatever they've done now, right?

Or not.

As soon as they passed the intersection, their bright, shiny, flashing police lights turned right off.

Don't get me wrong--I have great respect for the guys (and gals, but to me "guys" just sums up both genders) who keep our streets safe from speeders and the like.  Maybe I just keep seeing them in the wrong light?

Let me take you back a few years...

It's winter in Winnipeg.  That means it cold.  Freezing cold.  I am driving down Lag when my car stalls.  Luckily I am at an intersection (Lagimodiere and Dugald).  Oh, and lucky me--there is a cruiser at the front of the cross intersection.

And there they sat as I pushed my car across the intersection.  By myself.  In the freezing January weather.  It was heavy.  And kinda hard to steer.  But I did it.  Without help from the police.  So much for serve and protect.  But I guess they do protect...most days...

In the meantime, if you ever stall in the middle of winter and need a push, you know who you can call.  I'm an excellent car-pusher (I figured I'd better put the word car in there before you call the cops on me...) even in winter.

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